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Condominium Home Inspection

Get peace of mind with a Condominium Home Inspection from the most trusted leaders in the industry

Did you Know?



Just like a house, a condo is an expensive purchase. So you need a professional evaluation of its condition before you buy it. Our team of trained condo inspectors use a rigorous inspection protocol to identify and evaluate the specific issues that your condo unit could have. You can count on us for an experienced and thorough perspective.

-Fast and Easy Booking via Online or by Phone
-A Competent Professional Home Inspector
-A Premium Quality Inspection by a company that you can trust
-An easy to read, full color draft report - delivered to you the same day
-Ability to add One page report summary for buyers

With your Condominium Home Inspection


Here are a few examples-


Did you know that heating and cooling system is often the responsibility of the condo unit owner? The replacement cost of these units can be $5000-$8000.

Did you know that Kitec, a common Plumbing piping material in condos, can cost unit owners $5000-$15,000?

Why condos need a home inspection

Your home Inspection Report

Your easy-to-read inspection report is delivered the same day as your inspection. It includes richly-illustrated text and photos of your home. It will identify components that are not performing, as well as items that are near the end of their life. Your report may also include ballpark costs for repairs and maintenance tips to protect your home.

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