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Sewer Scope Inspection

At Property Inspection Solutions LLC, in addition to our comprehensive home inspections, we offer inspections for specific systems, like our Sewer Scope Sewer Inspections. When buying or selling a home, the only way to know for certain if your drain line is clear is to look inside it with a camera.

Did you Know?



Adding a sewer scope to our inspection, or any of our inspection services is a smart thing to do. Root intrusion or damaged drain lines will most likely not be discovered during the course of a standard home inspection. Only clear water can be run during an inspection, which is not a substitute for actual use by a family (toilet paper, waste, soap, suds, and so on). Under normal use, obstructions in the drain line can cause a backup of sewage into the home.

Replacing or repairing buried drain lines can cause significant expense and inconvenience. The cost of replacing a sewer line can be from $5,000 to $10,000. 

The cost and inconvenience of these repairs can escalate if driveways, landscaping, or even sidewalks have to be torn out and replaced. Problems exist in new and old homes alike. Every buyer should consider a sewer scope to be an integral part of their due diligence. Without question, main drain-line inspections should be performed on every house.


What can the Video Reveal

Our technicians use state-of-the-art Digital Aquisition Color Systems to take a careful look at your sewer line from the inside. We can typically inspect up to 120 feet. The camera is inserted through a cleanout and fed into the pipe until it reaches the public sewer line or septic tank.

Just like our home inspections, we do not perform repairs on sewer lines. Therefore, we are unbiased in our reporting and not influenced by the possibility of performing expensive repairs.

Here's what is Included

  • Video color scan of the main drain line or “lateral.”

  • Accessing the main drain line from a standard cleanout to the street or alley where it connects to the public sewer system or to your septic tank.

  • A written report including the findings.

  • A link to the video.

The color video you receive will confirm that the drain is in good condition, or it can be used to obtain a quotation from a contractor for repair if the drain is clogged, broken, collapsed, or damaged in any way.


Additional Inspection

Property Inspection Solutions LLC is proud to offer Sewer Scope Services to our clients as an optional Inspection. Just like a home inspection, Sewer Scope Sewer Inspections are visual in nature and do not include dismantling any component other than removing a cleanout cover.

Here's what is not included

  • Removing plumbing fixtures such as a toilet to access the drain

  • Climbing on the roof to access drains

  • Adding cleanouts to the drain

  • Forcing or cutting off old cleanouts

  • Determining the adequacy of the drain

  • Any repairs whatsoever

  • Any drain lines over 100 feet long

  • Providing any quotations for repair

  • Accessing, evaluating, or operating sewer ejector pumps

  • All other Limitations, Exceptions, Exclusions as set forth in the Inspection Agreement

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