Mold Inspection

At Property Inspection Solutions LLC, in addition to our comprehensive home inspections, we offer inspections for specific systems, like our AI-Powered MOLD & AIR quality testing Inspections

Additional Inspection

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Here's what is Included within the Report

  • Includes actual images of mold spores & particulate Identifies the mold resulting from water damage

  • Detects and counts +100 airborne mold spores and particulates

  • Flags elevated levels so you can act on them

  • Also shows animal and human skin fragments, allergens, microscopic soil, carbon, and fine particulates

  • ASK AN EXPERT service available as an option for one- on-one insights into your home’s report from a Certified Industrial Hygenist

Why perform a Home Mold Test?

  • Seller disclosure indicates past water damage or mold issues

  • Mold growth suspected Infants, immunocompromised

  • members of your household, elderly

  • Sensitivities to mold, allergies, asthma, ... Water damage found in your home

  • High humidity and/or condensation Musty odors detected

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Benefits of AI-Powered Mold Test

  • Low-cost, affordable

  • Quick turnaround

  • Detailed report with images

  • Helpful insights and information

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3 Simple Steps

  1. Sample Collection - Gather air samples using specialized collection devices, and send to Lab for detailed analysis.

  2. AI Analysis - Analyze your samples using revolutionary technology to find and identify the contents of your home’s air.

  3. Report Creation - We will send you a visual report designed to help you quickly identify problems and take action if needed.

90+ Mold Spores

10+ Air Particulates


Stachybotrys(Black Mold)


Image by Andrew Small

Aspergillus/ penicillium


Image by Jezael Melgoza
Image by Sandy Millar

Particulates & sizes
Animal Skin
Human Skin


Image by Hussain Faruhaan

Insect parts