Sellers/ Pre Listing Home Inspection

Sell your home faster and easier with a Seller’s/ Pre-listing Inspection from Property Inspection Solutions LLC

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Sell your home more quickly, more easily, and for more money with a Pre-listing inspection. Property Inspection Solutions LLC credibility makes prospective buyers comfortable with the Real Estate transaction. No more conditional offers or 11th-hour renegotiations after buyers get their own inspection. We bring balance and perspective to the inspection and report.

Your home Inspection Report

Your easy-to-read inspection report is delivered the same day as your inspection. It includes richly-illustrated text and photos of your home. It will identify components that are not performing, as well as items that are near the end of their life. Your report may also include ballpark costs for repairs and maintenance tips to protect your home.

sellers home inspection report
-Fast and Easy Booking via Online or by Phone
-A Competent Professional Home Inspector
-A Premium Quality Inspection by a Company you can trust
-An easy to read, full color draft report - delivered to you usually on the same day
-You approve the report before it is published
-Ability to add One page report summary for buyers

With your Sellers’/ Pre-Listing Home Inspection



One-page home inspection Report Summary


This one-page summary for prospective buyers reflects the key findings of the Sellers’ Inspection.


Plus Package $35 — includes a one-page electronic report summary for prospective buyers. Add it to your listing or feature sheet. You can also distribute it at open houses.


Buyers Review $145 — a phone consultation with the inspector who originally completed the Sellers inspection giving potential buyers the opportunity to review major findings of the inspection and get any questions about the home answered. This review can be done before or after taking possession of the home. 


Check out a sample one-page summary report

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Before home inspections were common, sellers had no reason to disclose the condition of their property. But now most buyers want a home inspection to understand what they are buying, and often want to renegotiate based on the inspection results. It makes sense to perform the inspection at the beginning of the sales process.


A pre-listing inspection report brings more buyers to the table, creating a better negotiating environment for both sellers and buyers. With the home’s condition disclosed at the beginning rather than the end of the process, things move more quickly and smoothly. It is a win-win situation, with less liability for all.