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Supplemental Drone Inspection
With the utilization of Drones for home inspections, licensed professional inspector, Mark Rogers employs this to mainly inspect roofs. The Drone Roof Inspection technology has many advantages since many roof types should not be walked on, may have too steep of a pitch, greater than one story or just unsafe to walk on due to weather conditions. This eliminates such issues and allows the roof to be inspected as part of the roof inspection process. The Drone Roof Inspection technology can help identify Hail, Wind, tree damages and more.


Thermal Image Inspection
Thermal Image Inspections are not normally included in a standard home inspection. Many people like to think in terms of a home inspection as compared to a doctors visit. A standard Home Inspection compares to a physical performed by a doctor when he goes through a visual examination with you. A Thermal Imaging Inspection compares to going in for a MRI. A Thermal Imaging Inspection is performed with an infrared camera. The inspection can provide home buyers, sellers or owners with a wealth of information such as:

  • Energy and Heat Loss

  • Moisture Penetration and / or Leaks

  • Issues with electrical wiring overheating

  • And much more

Lawn Irrigation Inspection

When was the last time the Irrigation system was inspected? Irrigation leaks and failures can result in high water bills and costly damage to the property. If you’re in the process of purchasing (or Selling) a home with a Irrigation system, reach out to Property Inspection Solutions LLC to include it within the scope of the Property Inspection. If not installed and maintained properly, a lawn irrigation system can create problems for the health of a property’s lawn.  A faulty system can lead to wasteful water use, or, worse, contamination of the home’s potable water supply. 

Understanding how residential lawn irrigation systems work within the framework of a home inspection brings value to both Seller and Buyer.

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Pool & Spa Inspection
If you have a Swimming pool or Spa or are looking to buy a home with a swimming pool, then you know how important Pool / Spa Inspections are. Having a qualified Inspector check over this equipment can prevent accidents due to faulty equipment and uncover potential safety hazards. At Property Inspection Solutions LLC we are proud to offer these as part of our service for an additional fee to our clients who are in the process of buying or selling their property in San Antonio. TX. whether you are moving into a new home, selling your existing home, or needing an 11th month warranty inspection on your home, our inspectors are ready to inspect. Pool Inspections may vary slightly due to the pools design and equipment layout that is installed. When you invest in this type of inspection, you should expect to learn about:

  • Hazardous Electrical wiring

  • Areas where someone might slip trip or fall

  • Gates and Fences that are not adequate

  • Faulty Pool lighting

  • Dangerous pool tiles or decking

  • Faulty Pumps, filters or heaters 

Roof Inspection
A roof is an important system of your property. Thats why its important to have an inspector that is properly qualified to inspect such a system to help identify any issues that may not be evident with an Inspector that is not qualified to inspect the Roof Systems.

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