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Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a professional service that determines the present condition of the home’s major systems, based on a visual inspection of accessible features. It focuses on the performance of the home, rather than cosmetic, code or design issues.
Inspections are often performed during a real estate transaction but may be done anytime.

       A home inspection is:

  • An in-field evaluation and professional opinion of the performance of the readily accessible installed systems in a home at one point in time

  • Primarily a visual examination

  • Intended to identify components that are significantly deficient, unsafe or near the end of their life

  • Documented in a written report

    A home inspection is not:

  • An insurance policy, guarantee or warranty on the home

  • An invasive or destructive exercise

  • Intended to identify concealed defects

  • A code or design review

  • Intended to predict future performance or life expectancy

  • An environmental review or energy audit

       Components included:

  • Roof

  • Structure

  • Exterior

  • Electrical system

  • Heating and Air Conditioning system

  • Plumbing system

  • Insulation and Air/Vapour Barriers

  • Interior

  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation systems

       What’s excluded:

  • Cosmetics

  • Code, bylaw and building regulation issues

  • Outbuildings

  • Swimming pools and spas

  • Specialty systems including telephone, cable TV, alarm systems

       What are your inspectors’ qualifications?

  • Highly trained through the American Home Inspectors Inspection Training Program

  • We go through rigorous field training as part of our training program


       Can I attend the inspection?

  • Absolutely. We encourage clients to attend. The inspection is a personalized course in homeownership.



Do you tell us whether to buy the house?

  • No, we provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. We understand that the condition of the home is one of many critical pieces of the puzzle when buying a property.

       How long does a home inspection take?

  • An average sized, straightforward home takes three hours plus or minus 30 minutes. Older, larger and more complex homes may take longer.

  • The report writing process is typically about the same length of time as the inspection. Reports are usually sent to you the same day as the inspection.


       What kind of report do I get?

  • Our clear, easy-to-read report includes photos and color illustrations and is delivered electronically usually the same day of the inspection

       What areas do you cover?

  • We cover San Antonio and the surrounding areas.


       What’s included in a home inspection?

  • Go to the following pages to see what is included in your inspection.

Still have some Questions?

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