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Only Specialized equipment utilized to perform the Inspection right, first time

With the 
One of the things that sets us apart from other inspection companies is our use of state-of-the-art equipment including FLIR® infrared thermal cameras. During an inspection, we’re able to detect thermal energy that can point out a number of potential problems that otherwise would be missed.

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With the Specialized Drone FPV Viewing mode whilst inspecting inaccessible areas, more defects can be located. This distinguishes us from others that offer similar Inspections, however utilize inferior equipment. Most home inspectors can’t (or won’t) inspect a roof that is covered with concrete or clay tiles, is wet, or is more than 12 feet high. This excludes any two-story roofs from most inspections. At Property Inspection Solutions LLC, all of our inspectors show up prepared to inspect roofs that many other home inspectors won’t. Our aerial roof inspection reveals the condition of hard-to-reach roofs.

With accurate Level Plotting equipment we provide a picture of your Foundation which adds to the overall evaluation of the Foundation 
Performance. A Plot is provided as part of the Standard Inspection.
 One of the things that our Inspections does that’s above and beyond the standards of practice is to use a electronic level.
Peace of Mind Comes with a Electronic Level Foundation Inspection. What we do is we measure the perimeter of the slab, check for levelness, and we record those measurements and provide those to our customers on a baseline drawing, which shows exactly the elevation of the foundation and exactly how level that foundation is. First thing that we do is we go to the approximate center of the foundation, and we take a zero measurement reading. That is our reference point. We will then take measurements at various locations around the perimeter of the foundation and other points on the foundation and record those measurements and apply those to the drawing that we provide to our customers. The benefit of having a Electronic level sketch, or an elevation drawing of your foundation when you purchase a home, is that now you have this document that you can reference. If you ever think or suspect that you have a foundation problem, you can re-measure that slab and check it against the baseline drawing that our Inspections has provided to you.

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If you’re thinking about buying a home, you have a lot to think about – from putting in offers, to hiring home inspectors, negotiating the sale of your old home – we get it. There’s a lot on your plate.

But that doesn’t mean you should overlook one of the most commonly-ignored – yet most important – parts of inspecting a home that you’re interested in purchasing. A sewer scope inspection.

Sewer scope inspections are typically not included in a standard home inspection, but are just as important. Why? Let’s discuss the basics about sewer scope inspections and why they’re important now.

The Sewer Scope Inspection Process

Having a sewer scope inspection performed usually only takes around 30 minutes – and the inspection is just what it sounds like. A trained, professional inspector will run a specialized, flexible borescope camera, which feeds images and video to a monitor. Then, this camera is run through your home’s drainpipe, to examine the sewer lines and other underground pipes for any flaws, imperfections, or serious problems.

The entire process usually takes no more than an hour, altogether. After this, your inspector will tell you about their findings, and issue a report that’s given both to you and the home seller, with information about the condition of the sewer line.

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